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Lynn Doyle


Arrows Shoot Through Us

Petrarch had it only half right, his appositive, the deer dying happy, wounded as it were with the arrow through the heart being both the reminder of love burning pleasurably and inexorably and the remainder of life, fleeting and filthy. Foolish man, [...]

Best Friend

I. The night afterward, I dream about you, so very pleasant. You're much smaller, just a head and torso, long ribbon arms and legs, and I'm carrying you where you need to go. We talk in our usual way, and everything's so very nice. I carry you i [...]

News From the Outside World—January 1986

I take a lunch to the park to eat by the reflecting pool, leftovers still from Monday, but without the people. Some ducks come up and attack me for the food. I move away a bit, and they come up again, and I move again. When they come at me for [...]