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Max Lerner


The Great Constitutional War

By some perversity I have been thinking of the great constitutional war of 1934-37—lingering and almost nostalgic thoughts. This may seem a curious time to let one's mind slip back to the years when the newspaper reports of what happened on a Decis [...]

Democratic Ends and Totalitarian Means

One may say about the history of political ethics what Matthew Arnold said about the history of literature: that it contains alternate periods of creation and concentration. A creative period may be described as a period of flux in standards, of the [...]

Democracy With a Union Card

It is a sign of labor's coming of age that the newspapers have turned sedulously to examining the nature and extent of trade-union democracy. A weak labor movement does not deserve or get that much attention, either from its enemies or its friends. A [...]

Freedom in the Shadows

"Men live by symbols," we have been told; and it is a deep truth, provided only that the symbol stands for something that is substance and not sham. So it is with freedom, and that body of freedoms which Americans call their "civil liberties." We oft [...]