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Mickey Rapkin

Mickey Rapkin is a monthly columnist at Elle magazine and a contributing editor to Bon Appetit. The film version of his first book, Pitch Perfect (Gotham Books, 2008), was released by Universal in 2012. His second book, Theater Geek (Free Press, 2010), was featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in Vanity Fair. He co-wrote stylist Brad Goreski’s memoir, Born to Be Brad (It Books, 2012), and for seven years he was a senior editor at GQ. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Details. He lives in Manhattan.


Leaving Los Angeles

Winter 2013 | Essays

There’s some paradox, some string theory, maybe, whereby if Los Angeles disappeared into the ocean, New York would also grudgingly cease to exist. They are each other’s negative image, linked by mutual loathing. I grew up in Long Island, came of age in Manhattan, and though I couldn’t tell you when the brainwashing started, when this seed was planted, at some point I knew it as sure as I knew my own name.