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Nazila Jamalifard

Nazila Jamalifard is an American-born illustrator and graphic designer of Iranian heritage based in New York. Her clients include the Nocturnists, Slmbr Prty, and Netflix.


Two Ambulances

Spring 2022 | Essays

In July 2021, five weeks after my mother died, my husband dropped me off at the emergency room of the small hospital in the Massachusetts town where my father now lived alone.

Illustration by Nazila Jamalifard

COVID Dreams

Spring 2022 | Articles

I used to have these dreams all the time when I was a kid about my teeth falling out. Or I would reach into my mouth and pull them out. But I hadn’t had them for a decade or two, until last week, when I woke up to get ready for my shift as a COVID resuscitation nurse and realized that I had dreamed about my teeth.