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Pamela Wallin

Pamela Wallin is a Canadian journalist and broadcaster. She is the author of Since You Asked and Speaking of Success: Collected Wisdom, Insights and Reflections. Her awards include the United Nations UNIFEM Canada Award and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. She currently serves as the Canadian consul general to New York City.


An Appreciation of Alice Munro

Summer 2006 | Essays

Alice Munro grew up in an era in which women were expected to be mothers, teachers, or nurses. You wouldn’t have concluded that you were going to be a writer. But sometimes necessity creates these talents. The Canadian market is a fraction of the size of the US market, which makes it so much harder to earn a living doing what you love to do. Yet geographically, Canada is so large, artists couldn’t just gather together the way they did in the Village in New York. So CBC—Canadian public radio—became that thin line that connected people across distances and gave hope that all this was possible.