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Patricia Dobler

Patricia Dobler has published two collections of poetry: Talking to Strangers (Brittingham Prize; U. Wisconsin Press) and UXB: Poems & Translations (Mill Hunk Books) and a chapbook, Forget Your Life (U Nebraska Press.) She is Director of the Women’s Creative Writing Center at Carlow College in Pittsburgh.


Some Heretics

The nurse was big and black and really pissed at me, the only kid on the burn ward. "Your daddy's out there cryin and here you lie in the dark, won't eat or drink, for shame, shame on you, young lady!" She screeched the blinds up and glared. I didn' [...]


I think of the scars as a badge of honor proving I have lived through the simplifying of a great misfortune. I am thinking about simplification. I am thinking of changing my skin from the outside in. I am trying to think about words as jars that have [...]

Her Plan

If I should call, the past might suddenly come back arranging its feathers, and there I'd be with only foreign money in my purse. . . . I want to die no more than necessary. What if I take leave of my senses and go back to the nothing-well one la [...]