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Randy R. Potts

Randy R. Potts’s work focuses on portraits of minority communities in conservative areas: conflicts over the place of faith, guns, race, and orientation. His writing and photography have been in many publications; he currently serves as an associate editor for Hromadske in Ukraine. He is working on a reported memoir project that will appear entirely on Instagram as a serial in fall 2016; follow the account @thebirdiejean.


No Republican Shall Inherit

Spring 2017 | Essays

Jared: “Now this was the mid seventies. I was on an airbase in Florida. We had to keep the fighter planes loaded because, you see, this was only twelve years after the missile crisis. We had to be ready. Who knew what the Russians were up to? We were geared up. We were ready to fight.”

Photographs by Randy Potts

His Faithful Servant

February 15, 2016 | Articles

He hadn’t been back to this church since 2005, when he’d left his wife. “She was mean. She was spreading rumors, I don’t even know. She’d walk through church saying ‘mmmhmm, that one’s homosexual, yup, that one too.’ Because of how they talked. And you know sometimes you can tell but sometimes you can’t, not exactly.”