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Raymond B. Fosdick


Tolerance and the New Knowledge

Two events of incalculable consequence have, during this last year, stirred the intellectual life of the world. The first is the plan, made possible through the gift of six million dollars by the International Education Board, to construct a two-hund [...]

The League of Nations and the Menace of War

IExcept for a few hysterical newspapers, one or two hyper-patriotic societies, and two or three superannuated Admirals, very few people in the United States believe in war or want to see it continued as an agency for the settlement of international d [...]

If Majorities Are Wrong?

Dr. Samuel Johnson never heard of "evolution" in our meaning of the word. His world was a static world, untroubled by thoughts of perpetual change. The England which he and his contemporaries had received from their fathers was good enough [...]