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Rebecca Caldwell

Rebecca Caldwell is a photographer based in Estes Park, Colorado. She’s often found hanging off of rock faces around the globe photographing her husband and world-class climber, Tommy Caldwell. Her work has appeared in Ascent and various outdoor industry advertisements for companies such as La Sportiva, Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., Climb On!, BlueWater Ropes, and Mountain Tools.


Goat milk, goat cheese, goat meat . . . goat-hair rugs and vests. As they are for nomads throughout  central Asia, goats are fundamental to the Keketuohai Kazahks life.

China’s Little Yosemite

Summer 2012 | Essays

Foreigners are not allowed in newly opened Keketuohai National Geological Park. But, drawn by a hundred 1000-foot granite domes that rise above the coniferous forests and the gushing, emerald-green Irytish River, how could we stay away?