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Roberto Bolaño

Roberto Bolaño (1953-2003) is widely considered the most significant and influential Latin American novelist since Gabriel García Márquez. He was born in Santiago, Chile, moved to Mexico City with his family in 1968, then returned to Chile in 1973, just a month before Pinochet seized power, and was arrested. After his release, he returned to Mexico before moving to Paris and then Barcelona. He wrote ten novels and two collections of short stories as well as poetry before he died at the age of 50. In 2008, he was posthumously awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award for his novel 2666.


Nazi Literature in the Americas

Fall 2007 | Fiction

In 1917 she met the rancher and entrepreneur Sebastian Mendiluce, twenty years her senior. Everyone was surprised when they announced their engagement, after only a few months. According to people who knew him at the time, Mendiluce thought little of literature in general and poetry in particular, had no artistic sensibility (although he did occasionally go to the opera), and his conversation was on a par with that of his farmhands and factory workers. He was tall and energetic, but not handsome by any standard. There was, however, no disputing his inexhaustible wealth.