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Sarah Gorham


Prayer During A Fast

I confess that I have sinned against you by what I have eaten and by what I have not left uneaten. In my thirst for a beer, in my word broken each day before the ripe banana, sweet roll and cheese, in the pleasure I receive from food and, rarely, the [...]

My Life As An Old Woman

I knew this without waking: my boat had slipped its anchor. It was yellow, rented to me by two gay men and their cat. They begged me to clean up after their cat, but I had to say no. I had obligations. Was I a teacher or student? In any case unprepar [...]

The End of Illness is the End of Metaphor

—Joseph Brodsky She was the pebble in the soldier's shoe, hunger that hardens into bone. She was the comet; see the crater it left behind. The warning too and the one cloud over a sunstroked sea. She was "anaesthesia," "theosophist," "perambulator" [...]