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Sharon Pywell

After graduating from the University of Virginia I completed two graduate degrees, taught, ran modern dance companies, and did program management and planning for schools and museums. Throughout this time I also wrote, publishing a writing textbook, reviews, and essays that appeared in publications as diverse as Soft Sculptural Sell and The Washington Post. My first novel will appear in July, 2004 with G.P. Putnam’s (a division of Penguin-Putnam). It’s titled What Happened to Henry,and my editor is, incidentally, another University of Virginia Graduate. Putnam has contracted a second novel which I hope will appear in 2006.



I was standing blindfolded waiting to be shot and when no one shot me I turned to the woman next to me to ask, "Do you think they're trying to make us crazy so we'll run and they won't feel so bad when they shoot us?" Then someone jerked at my blin [...]