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Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941) is best known for his 1919 work Winesburg, Ohio. His later books include Poor WhiteHorses and Men, and Dark Laughter. An influential writer in his day, he helped William Faulkner publish his first novel, Soldiers’ Pay, and was an early supporter of Ernest Hemingway.



J.J. Lankes and His Woodcuts

Winter 1931 | Profiles

You frame one of his little woodcuts and put it on the wall of your room. It is a group of trees on a windswept hillside, or a winter scene in a barnyard, or a Virginia village street. There it is. Why, you have yourself seen just such scenes a thousand times. They did not catch your attention, even seemed ugly to you, but now, under the touch of this man's hand, see what they have become.

A Man’s Song of Life

Winter 1933 | Criticism

The charm, the wonder of D. H. Lawrence is just this—that you take him or you leave him. For you he is or he is not. He's yours or he isn't. You have a feeling that he never really cared, not about that. I mean that he never really cared about too much vulgar being taken. There was something for which he did care. Caring was strong, a living impulse in him.