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Stephen Schottenfeld

Stephen Schottenfeld’s stories have appeared in TriQuarterly, StoryQuarterly, Massachusetts Review, New England Review, Iowa Review, Mississippi Review, and other journals. He is currently an assistant professor of English at Rhodes College.


Artie Gottlieb, Consulting Philosopher

Spring 2006 | Fiction

Evy tells us we got it wrong about our brother. She’s his wife, Artie’s defender, and she says we misunderstand him, that there’s a goodness about him hidden in the antics. And I agree with her. There’s the time he taught my daughter Helen how to make a bunny out of a cloth napkin, and when he first showed it to her, she backed away because she thought it would attack, but for years afterward she asked for it. There was also a house of cards (the two of them on the floor like kids) and some piano lessons, because Artie’s always been musical. Hum a tune to him and out it comes on the keyboard, no sheet music or nothing.