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Walter Jost

Walter Jost is professor of English at the University of Virginia. His poems have appeared in Sou’wester, Descant, and elsewhere.


Promise of Snow

I’ll still first go to the window when I wake. I can stay at it all night, unnerved by the same old ache And never two alike. That sky that is a lake, Elided by trees and ambient neighborhood light, Eludes me—like driving towards some vacat [...]

All Mystery Mine

A feral cow’s in those backwoods Where the subdivision’s going. I saw it once among dogwoods, Head in a bower and lowing. Once, but not since—and so long ago I might have dreamed it. And not knowing Which, I’m left to think as I now g [...]

Urbs et Orbis

Summer 2006 | Poetry

  Each stone uncovered, the gift of figures— hundred and fifty, two hundred years ago, foundation for creekside mill or barn, or silo, sledded then rolled into place. Buried by default of earth and rain again, at this rebirth the stones are s [...]

In Filling Out the Form

Summer 2006 | Poetry

  A triple dactyl for John Hollander Dazzle me fascinate: Practically nobody Does so in triplicate Verse anymore— Socioculturally Not a surprise and yet I’d’ve thought somebody’d Keep it in store. Now is the time to let Mystery compl [...]