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Walter Millis


Roosevelt in Retrospect

It is extraordinarily difficult to write of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So many intense passions have swirled about that name, it has been a fixture for so long in our society, the man himself is so tost behind the torrential events of the crisis time [...]

The Psychological Man

In traversing that excellent gallery of military thinkers, "Makers of Modern Strategy," which has been assembled by the scholars of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, I recently stumbled on one figure who exerts for me a suggestive [...]

A President Must Be Elected

Ours is a government of checks and balances; and perhaps the greatest check which it imposes at the moment on vigorous policy and farsighted statesmanship is the fortuitous fact that one year hence we must hold a Presidential election. The American p [...]

Cross Purposes in the New Deal

In november, 1937, Mr. Robert H. Jackson, at the time Assistant Attorney General in charge of the anti-trust division, departed with the President for a fishing trip off the Florida coast, and the reporters were left to infer that the campaign for re [...]

The Essence of the New Deal

It is some three years now since a dazed and groggy Congress adjourned, thus bringing to an end the first tremendous "hundred days" of the Roosevelt Administration. Under the stress of crisis and the reckless energies of the President it ha [...]

The Roosevelt Revolution

On Wednesday, March 15, the stock ticker of the New York Curb Exchange closed the first glorious session of resumed trading with the joyful vale: "goodnite. . . . happy days are here again. . . ." The banks were saved; the marke [...]

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Standing as we are at the climax of the greatest war in history, surrounded by the vast wreck and ruin which it has brought to our whole social and international order, and confronted ever more urgently by the first practical tasks of reconstruction, [...]