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Pier 1

ISSUE:  Winter 1938

Full noon, and he is walking With letters in his pocket,
A razor and a spool, a spool,
Needle and thread.
Full moon, and he is waking,
The spray parted his hair;
Between the ooze and garbage,
The stiff red hair is drifting.
The pockets are all empty,
The hands are clenched and ready,
A button in his wallet.
The world is two-and-twenty.
A razor and a spool, a spool;
No homecoming, girls’ giggles.
The children in his loins—? “No men required here.”
The homecoming strives till It comes to no shore.
The waters of Manhattan Beside the barges lengthen.
The barges drift and lengthen;
The pleasure boats are full.
And 0, so fair the Hudson! And O, the girls so loving!
And 0, the sailor sailing Under the ancient stars.


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