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Winter 1938

Winter 1938

Volume 14, Number 1

  • Allen Tate’s “Narcissus as Narcissus”
  • Paul Einzig’s “Finance and Foreign Policies”
  • Sidney Hook’s “Storm Signals in American Philosophy”
  • E. Pendleton Herring’s “The Future of Patronage”
  • Stories by Allen Tate, Paul Einzig, Sidney Hook, and E. Pendleton Herring
  • Poetry by Ben Belitt, George Marion O’Donnell, and David Schubert
[toc] Table of Contents
Winter 1938

Table of Contents

Narcissus as Narcissus

On this first occasion, which will probably be the last, of my talking about my own verse, I could plead the example of Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote an essay entitled “The Philosophy of Composition.” But in our age the appeal to authority is weak, [...]


Author Profiles

Allen Tate (1899–1979) was one of the leading writers of the South in the twentieth century.