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Thomas Perkins Abernethy


Another Young Jefferson

The Young Jefferson. By Claude G. Bowers. Houghton Mifflin Company. $3.75. Having dealt with "Jefferson and Hamilton" and "Jefferson in Power," Ambassador Claude G. Bowers has now taken up "The Young Jefferson" and ca [...]

Beacon on Monticello

Jefferson: The Road to Glory. By Marie Kimball. Coward-McCann. $5.00. Jefferson Himself, The Personal Narrative of a Many-Sided American. By Bernard Mayo. Houghton Mifflin Company. $4.00. Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book. Edited by Edwin M. Betts. T [...]

Washington Under Fire

Washington and the Revolution, a Reappraisal, By Bernhard Knollenberg. New York: The Macmillan Company. $3.00. George Washington as the French Knew Him, Edited and translated, with an introduction, by Gilbert Chinard. Princeton: Princeton Universit [...]

Democracy and the Founding Fathers

Struggles for Democracy: The Old South. By William E. Dodd. New York: The Macmillan Company. $3.75. The Colonial Period of American History. Volume III: The Settlements. By Charles M. Andrews. New Haven: Yale University Press, $4.00, Superfici [...]

Wide Spread the Empire

The Colonial Period of American History. By Charles M. Andrews. New Haven: Yale University Press. Two volumes. $8.00. The British Empire before the American Revolution: Provincial Characteristics and Sectional Tendencies in the Era Preceding the Ame [...]

New England Looks at the Lees

The Lees of Virginia. By Burton J. Hendrick. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. $3.75. To write the history of a family is a risky undertaking. It necessarily involves a compromise between biography and genealogy, and no such compromise can be c [...]

Mars and Fortuna

The Command of the Howe Brothers During the American Revolution. By Troyer S. Anderson. New York: Oxford University Press. $3.50. Lafayette, a Life, By Andreas Latzko. Translated by E. W. Dickes. New York: Double-day, Doran, and Company. $3.00. Roc [...]

Rebels of ‘Seventy-Six

George Washington Himself. By John C. Fitzpatrick. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company. $3.50. Private Affairs of George Washington. By Stephen Decatur, Jr. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $5.00. Gouverneur Morris, Witness of Two Revolutions. [...]

New Rivals for Jefferson

The Two Franklins: Fathers of American Democracy. By Bernard Fay. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. $3.50. Honest John Adams. By Gilbert Chinard. Boston; Little, Brown and Company. $3.75. In the great stream of history, the annals of the United [...]

Partizan Leaders

John Sevier, Pioneer of the Old Southwest. By Carl S. Driver. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. $2.50. Andreiv Jackson, the Border Captain. By Marquis James. Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company. $3.75. The Brands Preston Blai [...]

Lost: One State and a Few Illusions?

History of the Lost State of Franklin. By .Samuel Cole Williams. New York: The Press of the Pioneers. $6.00. Americans have always been land-hungry. During the years 1776 to 1781 men had seen substantial for- tunes dissolve in the crucible of [...]

The Old South, Early and Late

The Coming of the Civil War. By Avery Craven. Charles Scribner's Sons. $3.75. The Old South, The Founding of American Civilisation. By Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker. Charles Scribner's Sons. $3.50. Extensive as is the literature of Southern h [...]

Virginia Gentleman

William Byrd of Westover. By Richard Croom Beatty. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $3.00. It is doubtless the usual opinion that American culture, such as it is, has its origin in Puritanical sources. In considerable measure this belief is cer [...]

Two Virginians

Alexander Spotswood, Governor of Colonial Virginia, 1710-1722. By Leonidas Dodson. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. $3.00. Life of John Taylor. By Henry H. Simms. Richmond: The William Byrd Press. $3.50. A lexander spotswood and J [...]