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H. Clarence Nixon


The Realistic Price of Peace

The Reconstruction of World Agriculture. By Karl Brandt. W. W. Norton and Company. $4.00. The importance of the Dumbarton Oaks proposals for the peace of the world is well recognized, but there is grave danger of overemphasizing their feasibility [...]

The South After the War

The South, by whatever comparative test, will emerge from this war with more social change and more unfinished business than any other section of the country. It will have fewer share-croppers, but more welders and pipefitters. It will have an agricu [...]

Big Four

Four men are guiding four great nations, with their supporting allies, to victory in this war, just as four leaders finally headed up a coalition of four participating great Powers in World War I. If there is any difference, these four personalities [...]

The New Deal and the South

The South during the years of the New Deal has experienced a development that enables it and tempts it to talk the confident language of a regular child of the national household, not the subservient terms of an undernourished step-child or orphan. I [...]

Democracy and the South

Democracy Works, By Arthur Garfield Hays. New York: Random House. $3.00. God's Valley. By Wilison Whitman. New York: The Viking Press. $3.00. After Freedom. By Hortcise Powdermakcr. New York: The Viking Press. $3.00. Invisible Umpire. By Stanley F. [...]


Caste and Class in a Southern Tmvn. By John Dollard, Ph.D. Published for The Institute of Human Relations. New Haven,: Yale University Press. $3.50. Southern race relations furnish a subject of enduring inquiry to many social scientists, especia [...]

Southern Reappraisals

The Cast-Iron Man: John C. Calhoun and American Democracy. By Arthur Styron. New York: Longmans, Green and Company. $3.50. Hugh Swinton UgarS: A Charleston Intellectual. By Linda Rhea. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. $3.00. Rog [...]

Southern Regions

The South Looks at Its Past. By Benjamin Burks Kendrick and Alex Matthews Arnett. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. $2.00. Southern Regions of the United States. By Howard W. Odum. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Pr [...]