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John A. Holmes


Five Ways of Poetry

Winter 1938 | Criticism

By bringing together some seventy of his recent poems, Mark Van Doren, while continuing old themes, makes it clear that he has interested himself in a new theme for poetry. Psychologists might call this new preoccupation empathy, an intense and subtle identification of the poet with the structure, pattern, direction, mass, and plane of material things in all their variations and combinations.

Five American Poets

Spring 1936 | Criticism

Dissolution is not a new theme for Edwin An lington Robinson, for it was in "Merlin" that he told of a noble civilization falling back into violence and barbarism. It was the war that made Robinson feel so. In his latest and last book, "King Jasper," he returns to this point of view, having in the meantime studied and re-studied the involved psychological effects of death on small groups of characters.

Two Poets in England

The Poem of Richard Aldington. Garden City: Doubleday, Doran and Company. $2.50. Collected Poems. By V. Sackville-Wcst. Garden City: Doubleday, Doran and Company. $2.50. It has become the custom for poets to anticipate time's ultimate decision by [...]

The Long Walk Alone

Take for your joy this green earth, hung with air— It was never yours before; I give it new. Nothing is lonely, least of all yourself Alone in sunlight in the afternoon. Nothing dies in the earth among the roots: Thrust down your hand and find them [...]

Seasonal Wisdom

LET the year strike October in your heart, And hear the long autumnal after-note Echo in bronze, and ring again in gold. Be still, and feel it vibrate in your throat. Let the snow fall, and whiten on your arm, Drift on your shoulder, blow, and blow y [...]