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George Marion O’Donnell


Prayer Against the Furies

Beside a window open to the night Within a house where the deceptive clock Runs but one day and stops and never strikes, They come to find him waiting, shoulders still bent, Worn head still brighter than the dark outside. For Johnston, dead at Shiloh [...]

The Wings of Plaster Angels

THE WINGS OF PLASTER ANGELS The plaster angels in the holy night Poise on their tinsel wings above the dolls And new lead soldiers. Though we think of bright Fierce swords as emblems for a cause, No need to think when time withdraws The end of year, [...]

Before Dark

Her Distress The garden turned towards winter and the night Full moon ascending, sun declining there; And in the middle air we sat, where long The sun and moon opposed and neutralized. And she had heard her spoken name, she said, And wept the wil [...]