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Is It Rude to Tell Men That You Don’t

ISSUE:  Summer 2015

Is it rude to tell men that you don’t 
            love them just the idea of them 
      what if we don’t even love living but 
                  just the idea of living 

pictures always look lovely but wasn’t 
            it an ugly day if women were 
      actually paid the same as men would 
                  we all just wait for the highest 

beggar who says it’s a privilege to be
            romantic romance with its antics 
      and its time limits like the nut that 
                 will eventually fall off the tree if 

we name the thing as love it doesn’t 
            mean it will last a nut does its best 
      to last but at some point just rests on 
                  the ground as nothing but a nut 


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