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Colony Collapse Disorder

ISSUE:  Fall 2015

(Iliad, 2.87-2.90)

Just as a swarm pours from a hollow rock
In one long beeline for the wild thyme,
Alighting in clusters on this purple and that,
But is stricken with a mass amnesia
That disorients the compass of the sun,
And they forget the steps to traditional dances,
And each helicopters into a different dimness
Taking their saddlebags of sweetness with them,
And the hive goes dark, the queen is left to starve,
And the drones humbug the whimper of the world,
And the palace falls to ruins, broken into
By vandals who would loot the golden stores
Left in the brittle wax hexameters,
Just so … 


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Cindy Bousquet Harris's picture
Cindy Bousquet ... · 4 years ago

Rich language and well done, it paints a vivid picture. I especially like: "one long beeline for the wild thyme", "they forget the steps to traditional dances", and "into a different dimness".



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