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Poetry Poster #5: Yehoshua November

PUBLISHED: July 27, 2012

This week’s poem is by Yehoshua November: “You Stood Beneath a Streetlight Waving Goodbye.” It appeared in our Spring 2012 issue on the state of American Poetry. To download a high-resolution PDF of this image, click here.

You Stood Beneath a Streetlight Waving Goodbye by Yehoshua November


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As the web editor, I am thrilled to hear that! Thank you for reading & commenting.
Naomi Hynan's picture
Naomi Hynan · 8 years ago

This mvoed me to tears. The vision you created, like moving art on a canvas is just breathtaking. To be able to paint wordless concerns of the heart so we can relate and experience our own moment from another's life. Thank Gd you write.


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