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The Redemption of Tantalus

ISSUE:  Winter 2006

In lieu of the breakfast I knew he couldn’t
Chew, we spent the morning smelling

Brief flowers and giving a try at dangling
Our agonies to passersby.

“I’ve never really minded my situation,”
He clarified for the sake of all exaggerated

Tortures. “It’s always been the impossible,
Those Keats-like almosts that I find

So sublime. The water still dries at the touch
Of my lips, and yes, the grapes still

Wither on the vine. But my cousin in Crete
Wrote me last week saying I’ve since become

An adjective and a verb. And now Sisyphus,
Lonely noun that he is, is too jealous

To push—all of Hades is envious. Such stuff
Fills my stomach; such things satisfy my thirst.”


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