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Reprint, Autumn 1976

ISSUE:  Autumn 1976

J. Morgan Kousser’s The Shaping of Southern Politics, describing the establishment of the one-party South between 1880 and 1910, is a new Yale paperback [$4.95]. The Norton Library has published Lawrence H. Leder’s Liberty and Authority, Early American Political Ideology, 1689—1783 [paperback, $2.95]. Teachings from the American Earth, Indian Religion and Philosophy, edited by Dennis Tedlock and Barbara Tedlock, is a Liveright paperback [$4.95]. Indiana’s Midland Book series is offering two paperbacks on recent American history, Charles C. Alexander’s Holding the Line: The Eisenhower Era, 1952—1961 and Jim F. Heath’s Decade of Disillusionment, the Kennedy-Johnson Years [$3.95 each]. Walter Lord’s Incredible Victory at Midway is a recent Pocket Books selection [$1.95].


A new Princeton paperback is James B. Cox’s Mark Twain, the Fate of Humor [$3.95]. California has a paperback edition of Christine Brooke-Rose’s A ZBC of Ezra Pound [$3.95], while Minnesota is offering one of O. R. Dathorne’s African Literature in the Twentieth Century [$6.50]. Pocket Books has the first paperback edition of The Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes [$2.75]. Edmund Wilson’s The Triple Thinkers, Twelve Essays on Literary Subjects is a Noonday paperback [$3.95]. Yale has brought out a new edition of St. Thomas More’s The History of King Richard III and Selections from English and Latin Poems edited by Richard S. Sylvester [paperback, $3.95].


The ninth hardback volume of a new edition of Samuel Pepy’s Diary, covering the year 1668—69 and edited by R. C. Latham and W. Matthews, is available from California [$18.50]. Bantam Books has republished Stefan Lorant’s The Life of Abraham Lincoln [$1.95], Norman Mailer’s The Fight, an account of Muhammad Ali’s heavyweight championship bout with George Foreman [$1.95], and Hugh Prather’s Notes to Myself, My struggle to become a person [$1.95].


Three new Noonday paperbacks are Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Man Is Not Alone: A Philosophy of Religion [$4.95] and God In Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judiasm [$5.95] and Wilhelm Reich’s Early Writings, volume one, translated by Philip Schmitz [$4.95]. Princeton’s Bollingen Series has paperback editions of Miguel de Unamuno’s Our Lord Don Quixote, the Life of Don Quixote and Sancho with Related Essays, translated by Anthony Kerrigan [$4.95], and C. G. Jung’s Critique of Psychoanalysis, translated by R. F. C. Hull [$3.45]. Chicago has brought out a third, revised edition of Martin Buber’s The Life of Dialogue with preface by Maurice S. Friedman [$4.95]. A new Princeton paperback is Josef Korbel’s Détente in Europe, Real or Imaginary [$3.95]. Touchstone has a paperback edition of Robert Jay Lifton’s Death in Life, Survivors of Hiroshima, a National Book Award winner [$3.95].


The Norton Critical Edition series has a new edition of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, edited by Ralph E. Matlaw [$17.50]. Philip Larkin’s Oxford novel, Jill, has been reprinted in hardback by the Overlook Press [$8.95]. Erskine Childers’s classic spy thriller, The Riddle of the Sands, is a new Dover paperback [$3.50]. Nebraska has brought out a paperback edition of Wright Morris’s One Day [$4.95]. Princeton’s Bollingen Series has issued volumes 7 and 8 of the selected works of Miguel de Unamuno, Ficciones [$12.50] and Novela/Nivola [$14.50].


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