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Autumn 1976

Autumn 1976

Volume 52, Number 4

  • Burling Lowrey’s “The Dehumanization of Sports”
  • Mason Willrich’s “The Multinational Oil Industry’s Future Role”
  • Murat Williams’s “Browbeaten By Humpty Dumpty, Or Quitting the Liberal Label”
  • Millicent Bell’s “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman”
  • Stories by Burling Lowrey, Mason Willrich, Murat Williams, and Millicent Bell
  • Poetry by Marvin Bell, Nicholas Christopher, Margaret Robison, and John Engels
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Autumn 1976

Table of Contents

The Dehumanization of Sports

I'm very human. I bleed, cry, feed the babies, read. "Mean" Joe Greene, defensive linesman, Pittsburgh Steelers Traditionally, sports in this country held a happy position as an extension of that ambiguous abstraction, the American ch [...]

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