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Millicent Bell


Jamesian Being

Merely to be is such a metier; to live is such an art; to feel is such a career EVERYONE is his own unpublished biographer. In the pages of the many-leaved consciousness he "writes" a journal in which one question is repeatedly asked: Who am I [...]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Virginia Woolf's first book is not generally recognized as belonging to that fictional genre which describes the author's own youthful emergence, the making of the artist. Yet its heroine is nearly a self-portrait. She is a sensitive young woman w [...]

Huckleberry Finn: Journey Without End

We have tended to see Huckleberry Finn as a sort of quest narrative in which the prize is freedom. Huck and Jim are jointly engaged, we say, in the effort to achieve personal liberty, liberty from the bonds of slavery for Jim, from the bonds of prej [...]