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Burling Lowrey


Sports “Sociologese”

The Quest for Excitement: Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process. By Norbert Elias and Eric Dunning. Blackwell. $24.95. At a time when entire nations seem to be hard put to contain the inherent violence of groups and individuals within their [...]

The Dehumanization of Sports

I'm very human. I bleed, cry, feed the babies, read. "Mean" Joe Greene, defensive linesman, Pittsburgh Steelers Traditionally, sports in this country held a happy position as an extension of that ambiguous abstraction, the American ch [...]

The Sporting Life

From Ritual to Record. By Alan Guttmann. Columbia. $10.95. IF the Sunday edition of the New York Times can be considered a kind of barometer of social change, one cannot help but notice in its sports section a balance that never existed before. Str [...]

Prose Style, Tennis, and Social Change

Since tennis has recently enjoyed an unprecedented boom approaching the dimensions of a national craze, it is odd that little or no attention has been given to how effectively the sport has been written about over the past fifty years. After all, as [...]