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William C. Havard


The Journalist as Interpreter of the South

HL. Mencken's ferociously satirical attack on the South was launched on a small scale when an attenuated version of "The Sahara of the Bozart" appeared in the New York Evening Mail on Nov. 13, 1917. But it was not until 1920 that "Sahara" made its [...]

The Treasury of Virtue Revisited

Southern Liberal Journalists and the Issue of Race, 1920—1944. By John T. Kneebone. North Carolina. $26.00. In his brilliant retrospective, The Legacy of the Civil War (1961), Robert Penn Warren offered us a pair of contrasting metaphors that ev [...]

Poetry and Epic: the Academy and the Forum

Parnassus on the Mississippi: The Southern Review and the Baton Rouge Literary Community, 1935—1942. By Thomas W. Cutrer. Louisiana. $27.50. Robert Penn Warren left his teaching position at Louisiana State University in 1942, tendering his resig [...]

Power is Where Power Goes

Power Shift. By Kirkpatrick Sale. Random House. $12.95 Ever since the beginnings of the Southern defection from the Democratic Party in 1948, political observers have been speculating about the possible breakup of the New Deal coalition. And sinc [...]

Caviar and Poor Fish

The Shad Treatment. By Garrett Epps. Putnam. $9.95. IF one assesses the matter in terms of success relative to total effort, the serious (i.e., basically non-satirical) political novel must be one of the most difficult thematic ventures undertaken [...]

Now Is the Time for All Good Persons ….

The Democrats: From Jefferson to Carter. By Robert A. Rutland. Louisiana State. $12.95. The Democratic Party is a dilemma wrapped in the enigma of the American party system. Given the inchoate structure of the political parties over time and the e [...]