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Reprint, Summer 1975

ISSUE:  Summer 1975

Oxford has issued a Bicentennial Edition of “The Story of the Declaration of Independence,” first published in 1954, with a text by Dumas Malone and pictures by Hirst Milhollen and Milton Kaplan [$15]. Another Oxford book is a second edition of “A Biography of the Constitution of the United States” by Broadus Mitchell and Louise Pearson Mitchell [$12.95]. “The Selected Works of Thoreau,” revised and with a new introduction by Walter Harding, is a Houghton Mifflin Cambridge Edition [$15]. Princeton has brought out a paperback edition of “A Thoreau Gazetteer” by Robert F. Stowell, edited by William L. Howarth [3.95]. Three books in the Norton Library are Louis Henkin’s “Foreign Affairs and the Constitution” [$4.95], John J. Waters, Jr.’s “The Otis Family in Provincial and Revolutionary Massachusetts” [$3.45], and Ira D. Gruber’s “The Howe Brothers and the American Revolution” [$4.45]. A Dover Book is a facsimile of the 1828 edition of “The Tales of Peter Parley about America” [$1.50],


A fourth edition of Walter Kaufmann’s “Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist,” first published in 1968, has been issued in paperback by Princeton [$3.95]. A Chicago paperback is Asa Brigg’s 1955 “Victorian People: A Reassessment of Persons and Themes 1851—1867” [$2.95]. Two books in the Norton Library are “These Are Our Lives,” as told by the people and written by members of the Federal Written’ Project of the Works Progress Administration in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia [$4.95] and, in a single volume, Younghill Kang’s “The Grass Roof” and Mirok Li’s “The Yalu Flows” [$3.95]. A Pocket Book is Henry Miller’s “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch” [$1.95]


“The Complete Tales of Washington Irving” is just that. Charles Neider has edited all 61 of them and gathered them together in a single volume [Doubleday $8.95]. Volume 15 of the works of W. D. Howells is “April Hopes,” with an introduction and notes by Kermit Vanderbilt [Indiana $20]. Volume IX of the Oxford Chekhov contains stories published between 1898 and 1904, together with three fragments unpublished during Chekhov’s lifetime, all translated and edited by Ronald Hingley [$27.25]. Fiction by women ranges from Mary Wollstonecraft’s “Maria, or the Wrongs of Women” [Norton $1.95] to Rosamond Lehmann’s “Dusty Answer” and “The Ballad and the Source” [Harvest $3.95 each], Mrs. Dalloway’s Party,” a short story sequence by Virginia Woolf, edited by Stella McNichol [Harvest $1.95], Doris Lessing’s first novel, “The Grass Is Singing” [Crowell $7.95], and two Dell books, Tillie Olsen’s “Yonnondio: From the Thirties” and Grace Paley’s “Enormous Changes at the Last Minute” [$1.25 each]. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich has restored to print Martin Boyd’s 1940 “Nuns in Jeopardy” [$6.95; paper $2.95], Two Pocket Books are Henry Miller’s “The Colossus of Maroussi” [$1.95] and Graham Greene’s “The Man Within [$1.75].


A group of Princeton paperbacks includes Theodore S. Hamerow’s “The Social Foundations of German Unification 1858—1871: Ideas and Institutions” [$3.95], Harry Eckstein’s “Division and Cohesion in Democracy: A Study of Norway” [$3.45], Benjamin R. Barber’s “The Death of Communal Liberty: A History of Freedom in a Swiss Mountain Canton” [$3.95], Gilbert Harman’s “Thought” [$2.95], and Walter Friedlaender’s “Caravaggio Studies” [$6.95]. A Praeger paperback is Doug Davis’s “Art and the Future: A History/Prophecy of the Collaboration between Science, Technology, and Art” [$9.95]. A Dover Book is “Simplicissimus: 180 Satirical Drawings from the Famous German Weekly,” selected by Stanley Appelbaum [$5]. Another Dover book is a republication of the 1876 edition of Henry Walter Bates’s “The Naturalist on the River Amazons” [$4.50]. A Hill & Wang paperback is “A Short History of West Africa A. D. 1000 to the Present” by T. A. Osao, S. N. Nwabara, and A. T. O. Odunsi [$4.50]. A Johns Hopkins paperback is Ralph Harper’s “The World of the Thriller” [$2.45]. Two books in the Norton Library are Fred I. Greenstein’s “Personality and Politics” [$2.95] and Sibyl Marcuse’s “Musical Instruments: A Comprehensive Dictionary [$6.95].


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