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Summer 1975

Summer 1975

Volume 51, Number 3

  • Arthur N. Gilbert’s “Philosophical Pessimism and the Study of War”
  • Cyrus Hoy’s “Shakespeare, Sidney, and Marlowe: the Metamorphoses of Love”
  • Peter Mathias’s “Doctor Johnson and the Business World”
  • James M. Cox’s “The Scarlet Letter: Through the Old Manse and the Custom House”
  • Stories by Arthur N. Gilbert, Cyrus Hoy, Peter Mathias, and James M. Cox
  • Poetry by Elizabeth Morgan, Hank Lazer, and Graeme Wilson
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Summer 1975

Table of Contents

The Deviant Self: Everyman As Vandal

PERHAPS he will appear tomorrow or perhaps he has already made his visit. Sooner or later, he will come. There are traces of his presence in schools and parks, in libraries and playgrounds, in theaters and vacant houses. He devotes his attention wit [...]

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