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Suzette A. Henke


In Search of Historical Foremothers

The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft. By Claire Tomalin. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. $8.95. The Emancipation of Angelina Grimké. By Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin. University of North Carolina Press. $11.95. AT a time when women were smothered in s [...]

James Joyce: A Portrait of the Critics

The Book as World: James Joyce s Ulysses. By Marilyn French. Harvard. $12.50. Epic Geography: James Joyce's Ulysses. By Michael Seidel. Princeton. $14.50. James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist. By Stan Gebler Davies. Stein and Day. $10.00. JAMES Jo [...]

New Directions In Joyce Criticism

Jamesjoyce: The Citizen and the Artist. By C. H. Peake. Stanford. $16.95. James Joyce: The Undiscover'd Country. By Bernard Benstock. Gill and Macmillan. $21.50. Joyce's Ulysses and the Assault upon Character. James H. Maddox, Jr. Rutgers. $14.00. J [...]

Joyce’s Wake Revisited

The Sigla of Finnegans Wake. By Roland McHugh. Texas. $14.95. The Decentered Universe of Finnegans Wake. By Margot Norris. Johns Hopkins. $10.00. No Joyce enthusiast can afford to ignore either The Decentered Universe of "Finnegans Wake" by Margot [...]