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Elizabeth Morgan


Forest Fire

SET loose upon the hills to tramp all night To crawl beneath the season's leaves Or tower into trees with searing light And breathe upon a bright framework of limbs, The fire proceeds before the wind, A liquid light of tongue curled upon tongue And [...]

Power Failure

ALL the relations sleep. Forced to early beds by lack of light Mother, sister, husband, children have left me cat-eyed to delight in my own power. The storm that downed the wires is over, steady rain's moved into the back yard. I sit on the top of t [...]

Phonebook In A Motel Drawer

I looked you up in this phonebook to see your name in print. Here you are: your first name sheltered by your last and Maple Road like panelling, a fireplace, hot coffee and two mugs. The seven magic numbers an incantation to unhouse you, to change t [...]