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Reprint, Summer 1978

ISSUE:  Summer 1978

Vintage has published a 25th anniversary edition of Eric F. Goldman’s Rendezvous With Destiny, A History of Modern American Reform, with a new preface [$3,95], Another recent Vintage Book is Godfrey Hodgson’s America, in Our Time: From World War II to Nixon [$4.95]. Indiana is offering a paperback edition of Russell F. Weigley’s The American Way of War, A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy [$6,95]. LSU Press has a new edition of James I. Robertson, Jr.’s The Stonewall Brigade, a history of the men who fought with Stonewall Jackson [$11.95 cloth, $4.95 paper]. The late Alexander M. Bickel’s The Supreme Court and the Idea of Progress is available as a Yale paperback, with a new foreword by Anthony Lewis [$3.95], Pantheon has a paperback edition of Working It Out, edited by Sara Ruddick and Pamela Daniels, in which 23 women writers, artists, scientists, and scholars talk about their work [$4.95].


Carlos Fuentes’s A Change of Skin is a recent Noonday paperback [$5.95], Ecco Press has issued a paperback edition of Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky [$4.95]. A recent addition to the Norton Critical Edition series is Thomas Hardy’ s jude the Obscure, edited by Norman Page [$17,50]. Nebraska has reprinted Willa Gather’s The Song of the Lark [$4.95 paper], Illinois has added Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God to its Fiction/Black Studies series [$3.95 paper], John Okada’s No-No Boy is being distributed in paperback by Washington [$5.95], Four recent Bantam Books are, respectively, Stories of the Modern South, edited by Benjamin Forkner and Patrick Samway, S. J.[$2.50], Abram Tertz’s A Voice From the Chorus[$2,94], Max Apple’s The Oranging of America [$1.95], and Leonard Michaels’s / Would Have Saved Them If I Could[$1.95], Pocket Books is offering Joan Didion’s Run River [$1.95],


The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway: Critical Essays, edited by Jackson J. Benson, is available as a Duke paperback [$4.75], Vintage has reprinted Selected Letters of William Faulkner, edited by Joseph Blotner [$4.95], while Harcourt Brace Jovanovich has published a paperback edition of the second volume (1912—1922) of The Letters of Virginia Woolf, edited by Nigel Nicolson and Joanne Trautmann [$5.95]. L. T. Topsfield’s Troubadours and Love is a Cambridge paperback [$7.95]. Viking has reprinted a revised hardback edition of M. F. Finley’s The World of Odysseus [$10.00], A new Princeton paperback is Elaine Showalter’s study of British women novelists from Bronte to Lessing, A Literature of Their Own [$4.50], Stanford has published a second paperback edition of Rufus W. Matthewson, Jr.’s The Positive Hero in Russian Literature [$6.95]. Touchstone is offering a paperback edition of Margaret Atwood’s Selected Poems [$4.95],


A revised and enlarged paperback edition of The Dance Encyclopedia, compiled and edited by Anatole Chujoy and P. W. Manchester, has been published by Touchstone [$8.95], California has reprinted a revised paperback edition of Michael Sullivan’s The Arts of China [$7.95], Wilder Penfield’s The Mystery of the Mind is a Princeton paperback [$3.45], The Norton Library has republished Roy A. Medvedev’s On Socialist Democracy[$5.95]. Charles O. Mucker’s China to 1850, A Short History is available as a Stanford paperback [$2.95]. Vintage has issued a new, revised edition of Leonard Schapiro’s The Government and Politics of the Soviet Union [$2.95]. Apollo Editions has brought out a new, updated, paperback edition of C. P. Idyll’s The Sea Against Hunger, Harvesting the Ocean to Feed a Hungry World [$6.95],


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