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Summer 1978

Summer 1978

Volume 54, Number 3

  • Quentin Anderson’s “Property and Vision in 19th Century America”
  • Redding S. Sugg’s “The Pedagogy of Love”
  • John Morion Blum’s “A Celebration of Frederick Merk (1887-1977)”
  • David Levin’s “Yvor Winters at Stanford”
  • Stories by Quentin Anderson, Redding S. Sugg, John Morion Blum, and David Levin
  • Poetry by Daniel Mark Epstein, Jane Miller, John Engels, and Frederick Morgan
[toc] Table of Contents


Summer 1978

Table of Contents

A Celebration of Frederick Merk (1887-1977)

Frederick Merk came to Harvard from Wisconsin. He brought his West with him and nurtured it in Cambridge, as a student, teacher, and scholar, for more than six decades. Born in Milwaukee, he received his bachelor's degree from the University of Wi [...]