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David Levin


Yvor Winters at Stanford

When I first met Yvor Winters 26 years ago, on my arrival as a new instructor in the Stanford English Department, he was nearly 52 years old and I was 27. I could not then have imagined that at 53 I would dare to write a little memoir about him. Al [...]

Perjury, History, and Unreliable Witnesses

Perjury: The Hiss-Chambers Case, By Allen Weinstein. Knopf. $15.00. THE question of motives and allegiance has colored debate on the Hiss-Chambers case ever since Chambers' accusations were first publicized 30 years ago. Chambers, Hiss, and Richard [...]

The Lives of Bernard Malamud

Dubin's Lives. By Bernard Malamud. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $10.00. Ever since "The Lady of the Lake" and "The Last Mohican," which helped to win the first of his National Book Awards, Bernard Malamud has written with admirable versatility about p [...]

To Fight Aloud is Very Brave

She does not use the wheelchair. It is folded against the wall near the ice-cream packer, the wheels and frame shining like nothing else in her store. The chair she sits in is of a dirty green, its tiny wheels invisible, its torn seat protected fro [...]

The New Historical Romance

Christine/Annette. By Albert J, Guerard. Dutton. $17. 95. As if in defiant celebration of his retirement at 70 from Stanford University, Albert J. Guerard published last June his seventh novel, Christine/Annette. Five of his six books of criticism [...]