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Jane Miller



You're told don't wake the baby. She's sweating in her scalloped hat. Just because you're thirteen doesn't mean you don't hate. Every time the kid stirs you become a weapon. Summer: hornet nest in the columbine, plastic fruit on a plate. Aunt Rache [...]

Green of Mildew and of Verdigris

Phosphor of night-cloud, old salt-freighter sailing between sleep and wake what was it you said we couldn't be eternal about Summer leaves hitting the window undulations with gold-dust and brick-dust yellow of field and fence days of October lily nig [...]

Mind Form

streaking darkness with effort —Elytis If you let July slip away it chafes like a lover. Glowworm and lightning storm, the end is the same the form surprises. I camp here. Saw-tooth mountains, clove, they don't have to come to conclusion held toge [...]