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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Spring 1941

A Selective List

Paradise Lost.

With nine illustrations by William Blake, now printed in color for the first time. This is an unpretentious volume both as to its price and its outside ap-pearance; it is nevertheless one of the most beautiful of modern books. Bound in cream-colored buckram, with an inset label of crimson and gold on the front cover and on the spine. A single column of bold print forms a spacious and dignified page in all respects suitable for Milton’s epic. It is the illustrations, however, which give the book its greatest distinction. These arc exquisitely reproduced from the Blake water colors in the Museum of Fine Arts at Boston, which arc among the best examples of Blake’s unique art, at once greatly simple and greatly profound. “The Creation of Eve,” illustrating Book VIII, is surely one of the most superb illustrations ever made.  Heritage $Jf

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, by Vicente Blaseo-Ibafiez. Dutton $2.60

A History of the. United States, by Cecil Chesterton. Edited, with introduction, notes, and appendices by D. W. Brogan.

Everyman’s Library 90c.

The Federalist.

A timely re-publication of the essays by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison.  Modern Library 95c.

Leonardo da Find.

A biography by Antonina Vallcntin, with thirty-five illustrations, four of them in color and fifteen in sepia. A well made book.  Halcyon $1.98

The Grapes of IVrath.

Illustrated with many lithographs in two colors, including chapter headings and endpapers, by Thomas Hart Benton. There is an introductory essay by Joseph Henry Jackson on Steinbeck, and a note

on the illustrations by Thomas Cravjj Bound in leather, with decorations andli tering stamped in silver. Heritage’}

The Castle and Ame.riha, by Franz Kafl The recent awakening of interest in I strange figure of this Czech Jew who I in Prague in 1.024 is responsible forth! interesting reissues: “A Franz Katl Miscellany,” with critical and biograpffl cal essays on Kafka and selections fr(j| his letters {Twice a Year Press $2)’,”) Castle,” a novel first published in 19$ here, presented with an “Homage” to author by Thomas Mann (Knopf $8,60)] “Amcrika,” a novel with an introductliJ] by Klaus Mann (New Directions

The Moon and Sixpence.

Maugham’s novel is illustrated wlj sketches by Frederic Dorr Steele and wit reproductions in color from Paul Gauguin In an attempt to portray the hero’s lijl in prosaic London and in glorious Tahiti the first part of the book is set in a d| liberately stodgy, graceless fashion, a! the second section in a more pleasing sty) The result is not entirely happy, proves that “allusion” in typography be carried too far.  Heritage $&{

Wagner as Man and Artist, by Era Newman. Nijinsky, by Romola NijiiWf

Both of these worthwhile books marred by the use of a very inferior pa[


Tobacco lioad.

A “decennial” edition of Erskinc Caj well’s novel, illustrated in color and a black nnd white by David FrcdentH There is a prefatory note by the author Duett, Sloan, and Pearce]

The Hunchback of Noire Dame, by V| tor Hugo.  Modern Library Q(

The Daring Young Man on the Flyl Trapeze, by William Saroyan. With new preface by the author.

Modern Library ft


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