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Spring 1941

Spring 1941

Volume 17, Number 2

  • Alfred Vagts’s “Ivory Towers Into Watchtowers”
  • Max Lerner’s “Democratic Ends and Totalitarian Means”
  • Burton Ledoux’s “French Canada: A Modern Feudal State”
  • Philip Van Doren Stern’s “The Case of the Corpse in the Blind Alley”
  • Stories by Alfred Vagts, Max Lerner, Burton Ledoux, and Philip Van Doren Stern
  • Poetry by Charles Edward Eaton, John Malcolm Brinnin, Robert Francis, and Robert P. Tristam Coffin
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1941

Table of Contents

French Canada: A Modern Feudal State

When the British conquest of Canada officially-ended the one hundred and fifty years of warfare against the French way of life in America, French Canadians had already lost sympathy with the new religious and political trends in France which were pre [...]

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