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David Cornel DeJong


Seven Boys Take a Hill

Though it was an unexpected school holiday, he had gone dutifully home, to see if his uncle and aunt had anything for him to do. Immediately they had put their heads together, their voices rising and falling somewhat querulously beneath the chinaberr [...]

Wedding in Holland

I remember i only wanted to sail with my uncle on his canal boat. I couldn't have imagined that before the ten day trip was over, I would never want to go again. And for no real reasons, no reasons I could tell my parents, none I could actually expla [...]

In Parting

Shadows shall come. But to these lands of sun I've seen the buzzard keel, when I alone Sat by the lilt of water and a beetle's travel Over a whitened stone. Autumn in sheaves, and the birds rid of young Aloft for sunny places—I shall come W [...]


And now I take no sacredness amiss— This dawn, the curtains parted, light— And on the earth the sun so tender is I cannot rise. I had it measured thus, computed so, One hour for God and ten for song; But into day the sun and hours go, I w [...]