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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Spring 1944

A Selective List

Historical Of interest to many readers will be the revised edition of G. B. Sansom’s “Japan: A Short Cultural History,” which covers concisely 2,000 years of Japan’s history, [I). Appleton-Century $5], In 1851 Sir Edward S. Creasy published his “Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World,” running from Marathon to Waterloo. Robert Hammond Murray has now edited it, adding nine new chapters and thirty maps. [Military Service Publishing Company $3], “Documents of the Christian Church,” selected and edited by Henry Bcttcnson, presents a number of the most important records of tbe Christian Church from its beginning [Oxford 95 cents]. Walter Lippmann’s “U. S. Foreign Policy: Shield of the Republic” is a welcome addition to the list of Pocket Books [25 cents].

LITERARY “Greek Literature in Translation,” edited by Whitney J. Oates and Charles T. Murphy, includes selections from the writings of fifty-eight authors. A solid

and well-wrought anthology, with a It lected bibliography and a map of Green [ Longmans, Green $(>.25]. Flnubert’i “Madame Bovary” has been brought ost in a Pocket Books edition [25 cents). C. S. Forester’s popular “Captain Iioratil Hornblowcr” is now available in one vol ume [Sun Dial $1.19]. First publish! in 19.’J7, “Serve It Forth,” by M. F.l Fisher, has been out of print for SOU years. Those who enjoy good writilj about food will relish it [Ducll, Sloan 1 Pearce $2.50]. ‘The “Penguin Hook ol Sonnets,” contains over 400 sonnets ranging from Wyatt to George Barker [25 cents]. Two editions of Palgrave’l “Golden Treasury” arc being brought orA One, edited with an introduction by William T. Brewster, consists of Palgrave’l latest revision of his original anthology but substitutes 201 poems for the Secfflil Series [Macmillan $1.98], The other, with an introduction by Louis UntcrmcyWi has had the unabridged text of the h baiyat of Omar Khayyam added to ’ | Modern Library 95 cents].



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