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Spring 1944

Spring 1944

Volume 20, Number 2

  • Lloyd Mallan’s “Bolivia: Revolt and Counter-Revolt”
  • D. W. Brogan’s “The Case of France”
  • Lionel Gelber’s “With Power to Preserve the Peace”
  • Louis Fischer’s “Should the United States Join an Alliance?”
  • Stories by Lloyd Mallan, D. W. Brogan, Lionel Gelber, and Louis Fischer
  • Poetry by Andrew Glaze, Frederick Ebright, and Humphrey F. Noyes
[toc] Table of Contents
Spring 1944

Table of Contents

Should the United States Join an Alliance?

One of the most unfortunate ideas bred by this war is the idea that the United States should conclude an alliance with foreign powers. Clare Luce and Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York are among those who advocate an Anglo-American alliance. Earl B [...]

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