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ISSUE:  Autumn 2001
He wanted the E. K. G. ,
He wanted them to put it on him
And the nurse placed
Its greasy patches
On his chest,
To have them read.

From which all things spray
Violent and out,
There is a point of singularity.
As in Michelangelo’s sculpture
Of the heart: the heart
Wears the costume
Of David’s body.
And it wears the whole world;
In the eyes of the Judean
There is no fear
Of what the heart has made.
You are going into
Cardiac arrest
The nurse said.
From behind the white curtain
The sound of his heart
Thrummed and he thought Yes,
I have to pay attention now
To the tiny stone
Someone has tracked in
And abandoned on the white,
Immaculate floor.


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