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Autumn 2001

Autumn 2001

Volume 77, Number 4

  • Defining America’s Role in a Unipolar World by Norman A. Graebner
  • The Continuing Argument over Jutland by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.
  • Confessions of an Ordinary Man by Leonard Kriegel
  • Fiction by Michael Knight, Phillip Gould, Hilary Masters, David H. Lynn
  • Poetry by Mary Ann Samyn, Wesley McNair, Stephen Cushman, Virgil Suarez, D C Berry, Jeffrey Levine, Nicole Cooley, David Keplinger, D. Nurkse
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Autumn 2001

Table of Contents

Defining America’s Role In A Unipolar World

William Clinton's chief foreign policy legacy was a nation more divided on matters of external affairs than at any time since the culminating isolationist-internationalist clash of 1941—one resolved quite conclusively by the Japanese attack on Pe [...]

Author Profiles

Louis D. Rubin, Jr., in his long and distinguished career, has had an immeasurable impact on Southern writing—as novelist, essayist, teacher, and founder of Algonquin Books.