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Nicole Cooley


Testimony: the Invisible World

Cotton Mather I have indeed set myself to countermine the whole plot of the Devil against New England, in every Branch of it, as far as one of my Darkness can comprehend such a Work of Darkness. —Cotton Mather, Wonders of the Invisible World Eac [...]

Archival: Diorama

Boxed in: these trials you arrange yourself safe world of your own creation courtroom of buckled faces sweet smell of glue window offering a field of writing paper tongue depressor Reverend toothpick girls each muslin dress an edge of kitchen curtai [...]

Archival: In the Reading Room

Circle of Light: inside my world turns safely miniature and a cart clatters over gravel to drag the narrative out of that century Pine Table: book as big as a matchbox keeps the past contained and bordered by a blue-edged mourning paper Glass Room: s [...]

Noli Me Tangere

1. His letters must be read backwards in the mirror, the sheets of rice paper Alice folds carefully in a drawer so her father will not find them. The Reverend offers an invitation: come to my room to see the photographs. The girls in confirmation gow [...]

Alice Changing Size In the Hall of Doors

Even now, my father's voice travels far    In the silence and my mother is driving Away from us, growing smaller, smaller.    My mother is about to disappear. I could take you there, to where the story    Opens, to the house where each night [...]