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David H. Lynn


Hem, Hadley, and Paris

Hemingway: The Paris Years. By Michael Reynolds. Basil Blackwell. $24.95. Brilliant and obnoxious, self-centered and charming, brutal and yet oddly vulnerable, Ernest Hemingway reminds one of a cousin the rest of the family wish mightily to forget [...]

Wild Flowers

Etta Bloch tended her memories. Tended her husband Manny and their son Jake like flowers, though not to grow and blossom—simply to remain fresh and alive in her mind. They were her responsibility, and by her attentions she kept them from wilting, [...]

Life Sentences

The bitter internecine wars of the faculty were long past, consigned to reminiscence and hallway anecdote, and Jeremy Fox missed them. No longer did his colleagues bellow and spume at one another over adding women's studies to the curriculum (and w [...]

Monkeys, Firecrackers, and Dust

August 1 The principal of the college leads me from her office to the Visitors Room where the English department is waiting to receive me. Seventeen women cluster about the small room, watching me as I enter, some smiling, some suspicious, some ca [...]