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Illustration by Anna Sudit

The News From the World of Beauty

In late summer of 2017 I was at an artists’ colony in rural Virginia. A hot topic of conversation among the artists there was how we were reading the news, and how often. Some of the artists at the colony were reading the news obsessively every morning, either because they were addicted to it or because they felt it was their social responsibility to stay informed about the invariably breathtaking choices of our current president and those who surround and respond to him. Some artists were ignoring the news altogether—every headline, every scandal, every tweet—choosing to entirely suppress the outside world during the span of the residency. The rest of the artists stayed lightly informed, but consciously attempted to prevent the news of the world from gaining much purchase on their inner lives.

The Actress and The Comedienne (Or “Free Lunch”)

January 14, 2013

  Renée S / Flickr   The following post by Brett Paesel is part of our online companion to our Winter 2013 issue on Classic Hollywood. (Click here for an overview.) This essay first appeared at Brett Paesel's blog, Last of [...]