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Che Guevara

Che Sat Here

Susana Osinaga Robles is the nurse who washed Che’s corpse. She’s a small woman of seventy-four with wavy hair and swollen legs. Her story begins on October 9, 1967, in Vallegrande, a town lost in the far reaches of eastern Bolivia. Those were the days when the Cold War pitted Communist countries against their capitalist rivals.

Behold the Man: Steven Soderbergh’s Epic Film Biography of Che

Ecce homo: Ernesto, Fuser, The Argentine, The Heroic Guerrilla, The Shadowy Power Behind Fidel Castro, The Great Compañero, The New Socialist Man, The Last Armed Prophet, The Most Complete Human Being of Our Age, The Clearest, Most Unequivocal Image of the Humanity of the World-Wide Revolutionary Struggle Unfolding Today, Santo Che de La Huigera, El Che, Che.